Shop «Armenia» opened in 1952 in a building on Tverskaya Street, built in the forties architect Arkady Mordvinov. Getting architectural design traveled to Armenia, where he studied at the site, as its ancient monuments, and the best examples of the rapidly burgeoning Soviet architecture.Working on the draft design advice authors used member of the Academy of Architecture of the USSR, KS Halabyan.Bite the designers were both unsuccessful form room, the first of which had an irregular shape of a truncated trapezoid in the middle of which stood two square concrete column and the second a long narrow room with cut corners walls.Down the hall, the authors decided circular shape in plan, with octagonal columns and pilasters overlapped semi-domed vault. The round shape of this room, which is allowed to arrange the service stairs and elevators goods, conveniently linking store room vertically.Store architecture solved in calm, simple forms of Armenian architecture.Since the circular room had a small volume, the architects placed in columns - columns cod panels depicting the view of Yerevan and the Ararat valley, painted in soft, soothing colors, extend the illusory space of the room.The main hall of the same architects sought to expand into the interior walls of deepening their manufacturing arcade giving onto a blank wall niches, which organized the show catalog. Archivolt arches supported by massive pillars - pilasters typical of Armenian architecture.All ornaments Archivolt different, as well as the capitals of the pilasters that is so characteristic of Armenian architecture.In the end of the main hall authors place bright mosaic depicting the image of a girl with a basket of fruit on her shoulder - an abundance of fruits sunny Armenia.Such a formulation mosaic combines both room and attracts attention, even when entering the first room.Both halls, equal level, combined with each other transitional volume with marble steps and vase Qarase set before the window showcases.According to the new architects approached the processing showcases their motives Armenian ornamentation, averting a certain place for the goods. Showcases not block the street and interior of the hall at the same time show the abundance of goods.Round room has soft lighting hidden behind cornices lamps, allowing illusory light panels overlooking Yerevan. The main hall is illuminated by three chandeliers, a solution using open Armenian ornaments frosted lamps. This decision allowed the lighting enrich direct light mosaic and well illuminate the whole room.Solution gives both tasks in the sample synthesis Armenian architecture, where art and architecture complement each other and together say expressive sonorous voice.Both walls painted the color of the hall light tuffs stone Armenian mountains, saturated with elaborately molded and executed kapetelyami, archivolt, cornices, rosettes.Cabinetmaking counters, counters, tables for customers, chandeliers, beamed decorations in the windows and doors are saturated with national motifs thread.All it conveys all the charm flavor of Armenian architecture. At the same time, this architecture is quite modern, where creatively reworked interior of the Soviet legacy has created a shop solution in national terms.