On Pushkin Square reopened shop \"Armenia\"

After three years on Tverskaya, 17 work again \"Armenia\". Not only splinter friendship of the Soviet peoples, but also a place where you can buy real Armenian food. Now Transcaucasian delicacies here was more dramatically changed interior. But beauty on a unique mosaic at the entrance remained at the same place.Mosaic did not have to restore - since its inception in 1952 it has not grown old. Yerevan came to make sure the widow maker - painter Armen Vardanyan. Survived and stucco - repair was supervised Moskomnasledie. Now, however, a ceiling ornament of a trade hall is not visible: the space of \"Armenia\" was divided into two floors. Shop downstairs, and will soon open a coffee shop. On the second floor under the spring patterned ceilings earn restaurant. Where before there was an entrance, now wine department. And in the basement, reached by a staircase overgrown with vines railing will cigar and wine room. Cigars also Armenian brand promise: the descendants of Tigran the Great so many scattered around the world that they are found among the elite producers of tobacco.Cheeses - feta, vats, Laurie etc. - Made not only in the Caucasus but also in Moscow. As dolma, we often call on Azerbaijani dolma manners and vegetables in Echmiadzin and Tabbouleh salad, which is considered to be the Arab world\'s food, and among the Lebanese and American Genocide - Armenian. But Cured sudzhuk basturma and red peppers - native, from the Caucasus. Hand carpets of Karabakh. Backgammon, cognac, pita, Alan (candied dried fruit stuffed with nuts) - all specialties available.Deals Armenian wines from local grapes Areni immediately possible and try. They coexist pomegranate wine and mulberry vodka Artsakh, Armenian tea with thyme and mint, spices, dried lemon grass ... One rack busy canned vegetables, rack opposite - exotic jam: of dogwood, walnuts, eggplant, carrots and figs stuffed with nuts. Apart from the usual juices have biosoki that Armenia has long provided to Europe, and now us. And the water is - the best in the world after San Francisco. Soon there will be an aquarium, so that you can catch right here Sevan trout and crayfish.Never before, even in the 1950s, when the island of Caucasian hospitality in Moscow was only opened here have not seen such abundance. Since 1952, when the pathetic store in the \"house under the skirt\" (the so-called house number 17 because of the statue of a ballerina, once pinnacle) was opened, it was regarded as an outpost of Soviet Armenia in Moscow. And there was her property. And after the Soviet Union came into the possession of Moscow. Many people remember the \"Armenia\" of the early 1990s: the poor counters, the almost complete absence of national and even normal eating and Turkish consumer goods, strangely crept into the grocery store. In those years, disappeared from the map of Moscow shops all Soviet republics - \"Tajikistan\", \"Uzbekistan\", \"Baku\". Closed many favorite \"Georgia\" on \"Proletarian\", which, among other things, in the early 1960s was on Gorky Street, near the square Mayakovsky.\"Armenia\" only one of all was prepared for a long life. In 1997, Sergei Mnatsakanian CEO shop and head of the firm, rent commercial space in the city, started the first reconstruction. And turned the Soviet shop with counters and queues at the supermarket. Second, he also started rebuilding. The decision was made in 2004: the city after paying compensation in the amount of 483,000 dollars for the engineering infrastructure of the store must be the property of the lessee. In 2007, when it started repair shop moved to Yerevan guesthouse at: Gardening Spassky, 20, building 1. Where it works to this day, at the same time with this \"Armenia.\"